B.B.Kill logotype
B.B.Kill Sauce

Gastronomy Designer / 

Concept Creator /

Brand Designer /

Art Director

Client & Briefing:

The B.B.Kill Homemade Barbecue Sauce is a product created by me and the PopUp Kitchen team. It’s a very special and flavorful homemade barbecue sauce. The intention was to create a fun name and a unique visual identity to this sauce.


My recipe:

This homemade barbecue sauce was a special and flavorful sauce they used to fill one of the sandwiches that were on PopUp Kitchen's menu. As a Gastronomy Designer,

I came up with the idea to create an exclusive product to sell aside from the menu.


Supported by the abbreviation of the word Barbecue (bbq) and adding up the fact of the red color and thick consistency of the sauce, I had this fun and psychotic idea to create the sauce's name: B.B.Kill.


The second step was to create a label and a concept to the B.B.Kill’s bottle. The idea was to create something rustic, fun and not so expensive to produce. That's why a two-colored label was created, also aiming to contrast to the red color of the sauce. For the bottle, it was designed a very rustic glass with a cork on top.

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