Panna Cotta logotype
White label for packages
Blue label for packages
Panna Cotta

Brand Designer /

Art Director

Client & Briefing: 

Panna Cotta is a restaurant located in a busy commercial area in Sao Paulo. They serve high-quality food on weekdays. The owners were looking for a clean and simple visual identity to compose their brand. In this case, the client already picked their favorite pallet of colors; Blue and White.

My recipe:

Based on the client’s preferences the brand's visual identity was designed aiming at a minimalist logotype that would be appropriate to apply to different materials and situations.
They were also looking for a simple solution to create different kinds of packages to sell homemade products aside from the regular menu. Once the logotype was defined and approved, a label was designed to be applied to several packages and accessories for sale.
The final task was to design the staff’s outfits.

Juice bottles
Panna Cotta's front door
Juice glass

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