Pipo Éclair

Gastronomy Designer /

Concept Creator /

Brand Designer /

Art Director

Client & Briefing:

After taking some pastry courses in Paris I’ve decided to bake and sell different flavors of éclairs. Done with fresh ingredients and a different approach, the products were available for order on an Instagram profile.


My recipe:

When designing the brand I wanted to explore the two meanings of the word “éclair”, which in French is used to designate the famous pastries goodies and also to designate lightning bolts. The brand's identity was completed with a fun-rounded font and pastels colors in a striped background to evoke a French aura.
As a gastronomic designer, I’ve created different and unusual ways to present the products, by idealizing different ways to build and fill an éclair. Combining exclusive and specific flavors were part of the brand's purpose.
Foodporn pictures on social media were the brand’s core promotional channel.

Pipo Lemon Éclair
Pipo Strawberry Éclair

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