Workshops & Speeches

My life has taught me

how important it's to be creative."


During my career, I've learned how to manage and how to use creative think.


Creativity is a powerful tool that is available to everyone. If you don't consider yourself a creative person, don't block the chances to unblock your creative mind, it's just a matter of practice.


Combining all my experience, including failures and success, I've created workshops and speeches to help people understand that creativity is a way out for most of the problems.

I offer 2 different types of workshops:

Creativity Class


I talk a bit about my career and how creativity helped me trough different environments and different projects.

I introduce some methods to unlock the creative mind, demystifying the concept that creativity it's a gift. Trough practices and exercises, everyone can become creative and use creativity to be strongly helped by this powerful tool.

Team Cook

I combine cooking workshops with corporative messages.

You can choose a matter of your interest and I will develop a workshop where the message will be sent during a cooking class. A fun way to assimilate corporative messages and to learn some delicious recipes.

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