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Client & Briefing:

Apetitude is a personal chef and catering service. The company is based in Brazil and has the purpose of providing high-quality food with a modern and casual approach. The intention was to create a brand visually strong, raw, unique and full of attitude.

My recipe:

The name Apetitude was created based on a combination of two words from the Brazilian Portuguese dictionary; “apetite” (appetite) + “atitude” (attitude), but when you read or say it out loud it also sounds like the word aptitude.


Designing the brand's visual identity, the intention was to bring a laid-back and modern sense of humor to the high-quality gastronomy, to prove that it is possible to have great moments and great food with a casual and fun approach.


To add even more personality to the brand, a symbol was designed to complement the logotype. The “Rock n’ Roll Fork” symbol and the Apetitude logotype can be used together or separated; they both represent the idea and purpose of the brand.


Working as a Gastronomy Designer, specific menus and exclusive experiences for corporate and private personal clients were created.


Additional creations as digital arts, printed advertising campaigns, and promotional materials were also developed.

Apetitude's promotinal letter and visit cards
Promotional art
Art to promote the Apetitude's Pepper Jam
Art to promote the Apetitude's Onion Chutney
Cremeux Chocolat
Vietnamese rolls
Steak with mushrooms and cooked corn meal
Concept art
Concept art
Concept art
Team Cook - Cookies Class
Team Cook - Pizza Class

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