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Hey there! I'm Felipe Donatelli, the ultimate idea juggler and problem-solving wizard! A Brazilian-Italian creative gutted guy based in Amsterdam!

With a whopping 20 years of professional experience under my belt, I've dabbled in everything from branding and marketing to communications and creative design. My journey kicked off in 2004 when I plunged headfirst into the wild world of advertising agencies as a fearless designer.

Fast forward to 2006-2012, and you'd find me navigating the thrilling realms of pharma and fast-moving consumer goods, sprinkling my magic on branding, communications, and marketing projects.

In a twist of fate fit for a blockbuster movie, I found myself whisking off to Paris to study bakery and Patisserie classes, indulging my passion for all things sweet and savory. But hold on to your croissants, because my adventures didn't stop there! I then traveled to London in 2012 to immerse myself in the mystique of Project Management, and Strategic Planning courses at City University.

By 2013, I was back in Brazil, armed with a newfound zeal for my projects. For nearly a decade, I've been the mastermind behind countless branding, marketing, and creative design escapades, serving delightful solutions to many clients. Among these ventures, I've also nurtured my own brainchildren projects like "Futebares," a startup where I served as a co-founder and successfully secured sponsorship from AMBEV. Additionally, "Popup Kitchen" flourished as an art and culinary itinerant event, graciously sponsored by Heineken. Not to forget "Apetitude," a catering enterprise that I founded, adding yet another flavor to my entrepreneurial palette.

Between 2020 and 2022, I donned the hat as a "Creativity Guru," spearheading workshops and leading classes that unlocked the boundless potential of innovative thinking for teams and companies alike.

And there's my stint as the Head of Branding for a Brazilian startup from 2022 to 2023. I whipped that brand into shape, optimizing processes and conjuring up strategies that led to a jaw-dropping 500% revenue boost!

And you know what? Amidst all the chaos and commotion of my professional escapades, there's always been one constant: my undying love for art. Whether I was painting the town red with my branding wizardry, sculpting strategies out of thin air, or sketching out innovative solutions, the canvas of creativity has been my playground all along. So, while I may have worn many hats – from branding maestro to team conductor – it's the whimsical dance of colors and shapes that truly makes my heart flutter.

personal profile:

Enough of this bla-bla-bla. You can ask me whatever you want.

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