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Dans le ciel

Imagine this: you're strolling through the enchanting streets of Paris, gazing up at the sprawling rooftops that seem to stretch on forever. Now, picture this scene captured in a photograph, but with a twist - intertwined within the intricate lines of those rooftops is a handwritten message, as if the sky itself is bearing a secret script.

That's the vibe of this art piece I created, inspired by the whimsical idea of writing in the skies when you're out of paper. Because why not, right? In the world of art, anything is possible. Just like the endless possibilities that unfold across the Parisian skyline, art knows no bounds.

I snapped a photo of those iconic Paris rooftops, each tile telling its own story, and then added my own handwritten touch. It's like infusing a piece of my own thoughts and dreams into the fabric of the city itself.

So, next time you find yourself gazing up at the sky, who knows, maybe you'll spot a message written among the clouds, whispering secrets only art can reveal. Because in the realm of creativity, the sky's the limit.

Dans Le Ciel _ Mockup.jpg
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