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My idea with 'grafEAT' is to invite viewers to embark on a journey that challenges the conventional boundaries between artistic expression and culinary indulgence.


Each digital collage intricately weaves together elements of graffiti art and the sensory richness of gastronomy, prompting contemplation on the interconnectedness of these realms.


As spectators ponder the fusion of flavors and forms, they are compelled to question the very essence of art and food—is art merely a feast for the eyes, or can it nourish the soul in a manner akin to a sumptuous meal? Similarly, does food transcend mere sustenance to become a canvas for creativity and cultural expression?


Through this exploration, 'grafEAT' encourages us to reevaluate our perceptions, fostering discourse on the profound interplay between artistry and appetite.

In the end, what is art? What is food?

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