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PopUp Kitchen

Gastronomy Designer /

Concept Creator /

Brand Designer /

Sponsorship Planner /

Art Director

Client & Briefing:

PopUp Kitchen is an itinerant gastronomic event. The mission was to create something fresh, connected with street food vibes and modern culture based on urban art and graffiti style.

My recipe:

The naming process was based on the idea of being very clear about this itinerant gastro event, so “PopUp Kitchen” was a perfect choice.


When designing the brand, the KTCHN abbreviation was adopted to make a connection with the young blood and the street slang. This decision was also taken to be able to create a modern and visually impacting logotype.


Product packages, signs, flyers, posters, and many other digital and print materials were designed as part of the project.


As a Gastronomy Designer, I’ve created the menus for each of the events. Beyond the flavor and quality, the menus became famous and attractive because of the food item's creative names and the different ways of preparing the food.


I was also responsible to make the connection and closing sponsorship deals with companies like Heineken.

Artwork for a flyer
Artwork for a poster
Food "flags"
Promotional art
Graffiti art during an event

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